Tea Packaging


Herbal teas in Bulgaria are extensively used especially for treating or preventing a cold or flu. 'Чайче' ('Chaiche') sells a variety of bulk loose teas such chamomile and linden for colds, mursalski and thyme for flu and so on.

Given this, how might I rebrand ‘Чайче‘ in a way that celebrates Bulgarian culture along with the idea that the tea will protect anyone who is drinking it. 


Tea packaging, inspired by the traditional characters of the country called kukeri. The Kukeri are people dressed in monster costumes that frighten away evil spirits and protect the community both visually and through the sounds of the heavy bells that form part of their costume. By using the Kukeri, the packaging signifies the products ability to ‘chase away’ illness. The illustration is hand-drawn using warm colours to demonstrate the feeling of home and safety. Once all of the packing is put together they reveal the playful monster enjoying a cup of tea.