Integrated Teaser Campaign 


People with disabilities in Bulgaria are often mistreated or completely ignored. This is a complex issue that usually stems from miseducation, the Bulgarian mentality and politics along with many other reasons.

Given this, how might I destigmatise the view of children with disabilities in Bulgarian society? 


A teaser campaign that shows the importance and need for respect and acceptance towards people with disabilities. It tackles the 'unseen' or 'refused to be seen'. In order to make children with disabilities accepted in society this problem must be made obvious as many refuse to see it. 

Disability should not be hidden.

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The reason behind this project is the fact that children with disabilities in Bulgaria are unseen, hidden. This is wrong and it must be changed. In order to change it I have decided to create an integrated teaser campaign that will be used as an ‘eye-opener’ for the Bulgarian society.


The main idea of this campaign is to create confusion and tension at first and then reveal the idea (fact) that disabilities should not be hidden. The need for an integrated campaign arose when I realised that there is not only one age group to be targeted. Partnership with UNICEF is most appropriated as this is a well-known charities and they can be a huge advantage for this type of campaigns

Some of the touch points that the campaign will include are: 

- Disappearing buildings (after the reveal - copy on the hoardings)

- Social media influencers (after the reveal - they explain in posts etc.)

- Articles in newspapers / magazines etc. (before - missing important bits of the newspapers / magazines replaced with the website - hidden.com, after - articles about it)

- Website: www.hidden.com

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The disappearing buildings and landmarks in Bulgaria are a metaphor for the hidden disabilities. Hoardings will be put up at nights to create a camouflage for the buildings. Then, influencers will be paid to write or talk about what is happening via Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc. Also, there will be newspaper and magazine articles that would have something missing, but nothing is revealed yet, the missing bits are replaced with a link to the website. This teaser campaign will continue for 2 months and will expand every few days. Something new will appear through disappearing. The only thing that would be available is the website. The web page will include all of the above (photos of the buildings, influencers, articles). Society would be able to see everything that is happening in Bulgaria. People would also be able to upload everything they see in a special section of the website (also on Instagram, Facebook etc.) using the hashtag - #hidden, which will be used throughout everything as a connecting device. This will further expand the campaign.

After the 2 months of teasing everything will be revealed. The billboards (hoardings) that used to hide the buildings will have the copy that explains what is happening. The influencers would reveal the cause of the campaign and invite people to join UNICEF and help end this problem of invisibility. There will be articles in the newspapers and magazines that invoke people to become a part of the solution.


There will be new posters made in various positions such as the metro, on the streets, on buses, bus stops etc. These posters will be ‘see-through’ (using the background / pattern of the location they are at to make them ‘hidden’) and will include the copy, so people can finally realise what is the campaign about.


The website will be fully launched which will provide details and statistics around the issue from UNICEF and ways to support ending this issue.

                                                          THE COPY 


· Disabilities shouldn’t be hidden. (strapline)

· In Bulgaria there is a war against children with disabilities. (subhead)


· Children with disabilities are often kept out of sight. This needs to change. Support UNICEF’s #hidden project to help destigmatise the view of children with disabilities in Bulgarian society. (body + call to action)


· www.hidden.com (contact info)

The Copy will be used only after the campaign is revealed. It will be applied on the ‘see-through’ posters, put on the hoardings that hide the famous landmarks in Bulgaria, influencers will use it in their titles, it will be a part of the articles in the newspapers / magazines.

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The campaign would continue in the website will be fully launched which will provide details and statistics around the issue from UNICEF and ways to support ending this issue.

Please note this is a design proposal for UNICEF.